Head Mounted VR 2.0
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AVR_AmmoBox Class Reference

Large ammo box which player can put in inventory. More...

#include <VR_AmmoBox.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for AVR_AmmoBox:

Public Member Functions

FORCEINLINE uint8 GetCaliber () const
FORCEINLINE int GetAmount () const
void SetAmount (int NewAmount)
void AddAmount (int ToAdd)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AVR_StaticMesh
 AVR_StaticMesh ()
void UpdateModel (class UStaticMesh *NewMesh)
 Updates the Pickup mesh model.
void UpdateMaterial (class UMaterialInterface *NewMaterial)
 Updates the Pickup mesh material.
void UpdateMass (float NewMass)
 Updates the mass on the object.
FORCEINLINE class UStaticMeshComponent * GetPickupMesh () const
 Get Pickup Mesh.
virtual void Tick (float DeltaTime) override
 Called every frame.
- Public Member Functions inherited from AVR_Actor
 AVR_Actor ()
virtual bool IsColliding_Implementation ()
void OnHitCheckColliding (UPrimitiveComponent *HitComponent, AActor *OtherActor, UPrimitiveComponent *OtherComp, FVector normalImpulse, const FHitResult &Hit)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IVR_InteractionInterface
void Pickup (class AActor *VR_MotionConttroller, class USceneComponent *MotionController, class UPhysicsConstraintComponent *PickPhysicsConstraint, class USkeletalMeshComponent *RealHandMesh, EControllerHand CurrentHand)
void Drop (class UPhysicsConstraintComponent *PickPhysicsConstraint)
bool IsGrabbed ()
bool CanPullGrab ()
void Interaction (class AVR_Hands *MotionController, bool &HandleStatus, bool bFroceAttachHandle)
 Used for interaction with objects such as door.
bool IsColliding ()
void Stop_Interaction (class AVR_Hands *MotionController)
 Stop object interaction.
void Shoot ()
bool IsHeldBy (class AVR_Hands *MotionController)
 Indetify if object is held by MotionController.
bool CanNonVRInteract ()
bool ForceCheckForGrabComponents ()
void NonVRInteraction (AVR_Player *Player)
bool IsNonVRInteractTillStop ()
void Stop_NonVRInteraction (AVR_Player *Player)
 Stop object interaction.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from AVR_StaticMesh
class UVR_GrabComponentGrabComponent
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AVR_StaticMesh
virtual void BeginPlay () override
 Called when the game starts or when spawned.
- Protected Attributes inherited from AVR_StaticMesh
class USceneComponent * RootScene
 Default scene root.
class UStaticMeshComponent * PickupMesh
 Mesh for picking up.
- Protected Attributes inherited from AVR_Actor
bool bIsColliding = false

Detailed Description

Large ammo box which player can put in inventory.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddAmount()

void AVR_AmmoBox::AddAmount ( int ToAdd)

◆ GetAmount()

FORCEINLINE int AVR_AmmoBox::GetAmount ( ) const

◆ GetCaliber()

FORCEINLINE uint8 AVR_AmmoBox::GetCaliber ( ) const

◆ SetAmount()

void AVR_AmmoBox::SetAmount ( int NewAmount)

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